Future of Vasectomy



This changes everything

Our vasectomy specialist TJ Morris MD has completely revolutionized the vasectomy procedure by developing and perfecting a breakthrough new technique known as the PRO VASECTOMY to benefit patients.

Expertise - TJ Morris MD is currently performing the most vasectomy procedures in the country, over 2000 PRO VASECTOMIES a year.

Revolutionary technique: NO NEEDLE NO SCALPEL NO STITCHES NO PAIN completed in minutes.

A PRO VASECTOMY drastically improves patient comfort, recovery, safety and satisfaction.


We are honored to have patients travel from throughout the country and world to get their PRO VASECTOMY

A Message From Our Physician - TJ Morris MD


I established Vasectomy Pro with one goal in mind: to provide my patients the benefit of a world class easy vasectomy experience that would exceed their expectations in every possible way.  Men deserve a vasectomy from a doctor that specializes in the procedure, one who performs several procedures daily in order to achieve the absolute best experience.  The PRO VASECTOMY is a new state of the art revolutionary technique I developed following years of global vasectomy study to ensure my patients have an easy, painless, quicker recovery with an all around awesome experience.

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