Welcome to the future of Vasectomy




This changes everything

Our vasectomy specialist TJ Morris MD has completely revolutionized the vasectomy procedure by developing and perfecting a breakthrough new technique known as the PRO VASECTOMY.

Expertise - TJ Morris MD performs approximately 2000 PRO VASECTOMIES every year.

This revolutionary technique includes: NO NEEDLE NO SCALPEL NO STITCHES NO PAIN completed in just minutes.

A PRO VASECTOMY has been proven to drastically improve patient comfort, recovery, safety and SATISFACTION.


We are honored to have patients travel from throughout the country and world to get their PRO VASECTOMY

A Message From Our Physician - TJ Morris MD


I established Vasectomy Pro with one goal in mind: to provide my patients a world class vasectomy experience that would exceed their expectations in every possible way.  Men deserve a vasectomy from a doctor that specializes in the procedure, one who performs several procedures daily in order to achieve the absolute best experience.  The PRO VASECTOMY is a new state of the art revolutionary technique I developed following years of global vasectomy study to ensure my patients are receiving a truly world class vasectomy.

Romantic Couple

My brother and I had a vasectomy on the same day at different facilities. Mine was first and I told my brother it wasn’t that bad (quick and painless). He called me later cussing about how it was the worst thing ever (very painful and took twice as long as mine). I have no regrets going with the specialists at Vasectomy Pro. Dr. Morris definitely knew what he was doing and was very efficient.


After hearing horror stories from friends and family about their vasectomies, I researched the least invasive procedure and found Vasectomy Pro. I was in and out in a few minutes, with almost no procedure discomfort. Recovery went great. If it hadn't worked so well I'd be fine doing it again!


I Had an astounding experience here, the staff was super friendly and helpful. Dr. Morris did an amazing job, I was shocked how fast and pain free the surgery went. I had a speedy recovery and was back to normal life in no time, which was awesome! I have sent my friends and family there and all of them have had the an amazing experiences.


I found Vasectomy Pro online. I called to speak with them on the price I saw online and also made appointment. Flew in to Utah from Chicago. It was such a quickly and easy process that lasted less than 20mins. From start to finished. No complications noted up till this day. I recommend Dr. T.J Morris


Not that anyone wants to have a vasectomy but it you are going to do it this is the place to go. It was not bad at all, they have it down to a science.  In and out in no time and I didn't feel a thing, you only want to trust your boys to the best and Doctor Morris is it.