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Top rated vasectomy clinic in Utah and Nevada.

Weekday and weekends.

Vasectomy Pro Couple T.J. Morris M.D.

Trust the PRO.

T.J. Morris MD
Vasectomy Specialist
T.J. Morris MD Vasectomy Pro
Trust just any doctor with your jewels?

All we do.

Not just a side or weekend only gig.

Dr. Morris is a board certified urologic surgeon specializing exclusively in vasectomies.  Dr. Morris performs the most vasectomies per year by any doctor in the country, over 3200 a year.

Experience and constancy of the vasectomy doctor is directly correlated with improved outcomes, higher satisfaction and decreased risks to patients.

VASECTOMY PRO™  is the most innovative and least invasive vasectomy possible making your procedure virtually painless, stress free and safe.

Pro Technique

No needle.

No scalpel.

No stitches.

No stress.

Pro Experience

All we do.

All in one office visit.

PRO Vasectomy

5x less risks.

Quicker recovery.

Higher success.

Vasectomy World

World class vasectomy.

Patients travel from across the world

for their VASECTOMY PRO.

What patients are saying about VASECTOMY PRO.


The experience was so fast, easy, and with minimal pain. It was better than advertised. Dr. Morris was great; I didn’t even have enough time to really get to know him because I was in and out so quickly.

unnamed (1).png

After 4 kids, it was time to take prevention more seriously. I did some heavy research and found that Dr. Morris was the only true specialist in the state....

unnamed (2).png

The procedure is quick and painless, at the promised six minutes if not less. A couple days after and still no pain....


Six convenient VASECTOMY PRO locations.

As the only full-time vasectomy specialist in Utah and Nevada we increase access to all.

Frequently asked questions about vasectomy.

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