Complete new patient packet online.

Carefully read all the information on especially the FAQs section.

Men with less than 2 children please click here prior to proceeding with your vasectomy.

Arrange for a separate driver to take you home after your vasectomy.

Carefully trim or shave the front side of your scrotum.

Bring to Your Appointment:


​Your insurance card and photo identification card. Due to rampant identity theft in Utah and for your protection, you will not be seen without photo identification.


Copayment / payment for your visit. Your insurance may require us to collect a copay at the time of your visit. You may be rescheduled if payment is not arranged prior to your appointment


Physician referral forms, if required by insurance.


List of current prescription and any over-the-counter medications you are taking, including how much (dose), and how often (frequency) you take them.