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Before Vasectomy Appointment:


Complete new patient packet online prior to appointment by clicking here.  Then follow steps below.

1.  Carefully read all the information on especially the FAQs section.

2.  Men who are less than thirty years old and have had fewer than two children please click here prior to proceeding with your vasectomy.  

3.  Arrange for a separate driver to take you home after your vasectomy.

4.  Carefully trim or shave the front side of your scrotum.

5.  If you can, avoid the use of A.S.A. (or Aspirin®) the week before and alcohol the day of your vasectomy. Don’t worry if you normally use this medication for a medical condition…in that case please take it as prescribed.

6.  On the day of the procedure take a shower and scrub the scrotum well with soap…if the scrotum is very tight, take a hot bath. 

7. Have a little something to eat, don’t arrive with an empty stomach.

Bring To Your Appointment:

-Your insurance card

-Photo identification card

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