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12 Weeks AND 20 ejaculations after your vasectomy.

Semen Sample should be produced after a 2-day period of no ejaculation.

Use the container provided. Do not use condoms or plastic baggies.

Take your semen sample and order form given to you on the day of your procedure to a LabCorp location within 2 hours. No need to schedule an appointment, just drop off during business hours.


Go to, enter your zip code and select “routine lab work.” for locations/hours. You may receive a separate bill from LabCorp for their services, as this is not included in the procedure.

You may also bring this sample and order form to a lab of your choosing.  *Call ahead for specific requirements and instructions. 


After we receive the results from the lab you will be contacted by our office.  


Until your semen shows ABSENT sperm you are still considered fertile. 

If sperm are seen, continue other methods of birth control and check another sample in 4 weeks.

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