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Vasectomy Clinic


170 S Interstate Plaza Dr, Suite 330

Lehi, UT 84043


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The #1 Vasectomy Center in the Nation

Here at our Lehi vasectomy clinic, vasectomies are all we do. A VASECTOMY PRO™ is the most innovative and least invasive vasectomy available, making your procedure virtually pain-free, simple and safe. 

No Needle, No Scalpel

A pressure spray applicator is used to numb the skin and vas tubes without using any needles. Special instruments are used to perform the procedure. Most men say it hurts less than having a blood sample drawn. Many say their procedure was painless.


Vasectomies are more dependable than any other form of contraception. It also eliminates risk associated with birth control pills, shots, and IUDs.


Vasectomies are covered by most insurance plans after meeting deductibles. If you would like to see cash-only pricing options, click here.

What patients are saying about our Lehi clinic:

Jay Jorgensen

"I had a great experience with Vasectomy Pro, Dr. Morris and his staff. They were prompt, answered all my questions and were very responsive. The actual procedure was quick, very proficient and pain free. Recovery has been easy with only slight discomfort that you would expect with any procedure like this. I would and will definitely recommend Vasectomy Pro in the future."

Derek Gifford

"10/10 would recommend Dr. Morris. The procedure took less than 10 minutes and I was out the door pain free. Recovery wasn't bad at all. Just laid in bed the first day and then sat around watching sports the next day or two and that was it."

Juan Campos

"Would definitely recommend!! Very fast scheduling, as well as procedure and information available. Called in on a Monday got scheduled on a Friday went in and was out of there within 30 min. The procedure itself was about 5 minutes, painless and very comfortable, very knowledgeable doctor and staff. Overall a great experience 10/10."
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