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Before Vasectomy Instructions


  • Your insurance card

  • Photo identification card

  • Payment

Bring To Your Appointment:

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  • Carefully read over the website including the FAQs section.

  • Men who are less than thirty years old and have had fewer than two children please click here prior to proceeding with your vasectomy.  

  • Arrange for a separate driver to take you home after your vasectomy.

  • Carefully trim or shave the front side of your scrotum.

  • If you can, avoid the use of A.S.A. (or Aspirin®) the week before and alcohol the day of your vasectomy. Don’t worry if you normally use this medication for a medical condition…in that case please take it as prescribed.

  • On the day of the procedure take a shower and scrub the scrotum well with soap…if the scrotum is very tight, take a hot bath. 

  • Have a little something to eat, don’t arrive with an empty stomach.

  • Plan for recovery after your procedure. 

Vasectomy preparation.

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