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Vasectomy Pro Utah Nevada

Go. Pro.


No needle.

No scalpel.

No time. (~5 minutes)

No stitches.

No hassle.


All we do.

One procedure.

Over 3200 a year.

Most known in the U.S.A.

Experience unmatched.


Less risks.

Quicker recovery.

Better vasectomy.

T.J. Morris, MD
This is a sensitive area.
Trust the best.

T.J. Morris M.D is a board certified urologic surgeon specializing exclusively in the vasectomy procedure. He is currently performing the most vasectomies known per year by any doctor in the entire U.S.A., over 3200+/year.

The more a doctor practices, the better they get. This is not a side or weekend gig, this is all we do.

A Pro Vasectomy™  is the most innovative and least invasive procedure available making your vasectomy virtually pain-free, simple and safe.
Earth and Space

World class vasectomy.

Patients travel from across the world

for their PRO VASECTOMY™.

What our patients are saying about Vasectomy Pro.

Dr. Morris was great! My husband’s procedure took less than 10 minutes and he walked out pain free! We were surprised at how easy things went. Dr. Morris even took the time to check in on him a couple days after.


Very quick, efficient, and professional. Procedure and recovery has been much more pleasant than some people I know who had this procedure done from other doctors.


The whole process was almost too easy. No pain, fast and very comfortable. I would recommend Dr Morris to anyone I know.


Vasectomy Pro. Locations.


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