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Vasectomy Clinic


1495 E Ridgeline Dr,

South Ogden, UT 84405


Available Times

2nd and 4th Saturdays

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The #1 Vasectomy Center in the Nation

Here at our Ogden vasectomy clinic, vasectomies are all we do. A VASECTOMY PRO™ is the most innovative and least invasive vasectomy available, making your procedure virtually pain-free, simple and safe. 

No Needle, No Scalpel

A pressure spray applicator is used to numb the skin and vas tubes without using any needles. Special instruments are used to perform the procedure. Most men say it hurts less than having a blood sample drawn. Many say their procedure was painless.


Vasectomies are more dependable than any other form of contraception. It also eliminates risk associated with birth control pills, shots, and IUDs.


Vasectomies are covered by most insurance plans after meeting deductibles. If you would like to see cash-only pricing options, click here.

What patients are saying about our Ogden clinic:

Douglas Malcom

"I had THE best experience with Dr Morris. My wife timed my procedure and from the time I left the waiting room, got the procedure done and got back to the waiting room it was 11 min and 15 sec. He made me feel very comfortable and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend him."

Jeff Martin

"Wow, it was really that easy?! I’ve had nerves about getting a vasectomy for a few years. Finally pulled the trigger and honestly I’ve had cavity fillings worse than that. Dr. Morris is a professional and highly efficient. I can’t recommend him enough. Was in and out of the office in about 30 minutes total, pain free, that’s my kind of surgery."

Zach Peck

"They were fantastic. Very professional and relaxing. I was in and out in 15 minutes. There was a lot less pain than I was expecting (there was a pinch in the beginning) and the recovery has been a lot better than anticipated. I was impressed with their concern that it was the right decision for me. Which shows the care they have for their patients. "
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