A vasectomy is covered by most health insurance plans.


We accept most national and local insurance policies. Examples are Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare AND MORE.


We offer plan-specific "in-network" discount rates!


Call our office for a free cost estimate. (801) 609-4476


For coverage details, we recommend that you contact your insurance representative.

As a courtesy to you, we verify insurance benefits and eligibility prior to your visit.


Applicable copayments will be collected at the time of service. This arrangement is part of your contract with your insurance company, and our failure to collect copayment from you may be considered fraud.


We will collect any unmet deductible and applicable patient payment responsibility at the time of your visit.


Fees for services not covered by insurance are collected at the time of visit.


Patients who do not have insurance coverage or have a Health Savings Account / Health Reimbursement Arrangement will be required to pay in full at every visit.


For your convenience, our office accepts cash, debit cards, credit cards and venmo.


Please contact your insurance plan representative if you have questions regarding coverage for your visit or procedure. Insurance companies are responsible to you, the policyholder, not to the physician. As a courtesy to you, our office will file your claims to your insurance company as long as we are “contracted” with your insurance company. However, we do not determine the amount of coverage you will receive. Your insurance company determines the amount of your coverage and you should be aware of your benefits prior to all office visits and procedures. Any questions you may have concerning your insurance benefits should be directed to your insurance plan representative.


Insurance Compatibility


Some insurance plans may not be fully compatible with reimbursement for services provided by Utah Urology. It is recommended that patients contact their insurance carriers to verify benefit and eligibility for services to be provided by Utah Urology.