Read through the vasectomy information carefully on


Understand the Alternatives to Vasectomy so that you are confident in your choice.


Understand the "Instructions Following Vasectomy" below so that you know what to expect.


Please shave the underside of the penis and the front wall of the scrotum, preferably before the day of the procedure. A bit of alcohol is used to clean the skin before the procedure and it can sting slightly right after a fresh shave if the skin is chafed.


Use no powder or deodorant in the genital area on the day of your procedure.  No need to bring athletic supporter as one will be provided.


Be prepared to sign the consent form upon your arrival in the office.  Bring a driver to take you home. 


Plan to do nothing but recline at home on the afternoon and evening of the vasectomy.


Do not take any aspirin-containing or blood thinning medications for seven days before the procedure.


Eat before your procedure, a normal breakfast or lunch. Nervous men who do not eat beforehand are more likely to become lightheaded during or after their vasectomies.


Payment is required prior to the procedure.